The evolution of technology is producing changes in the world, anyone can communicate with some people miles away without moving an inch. Anyone able to understand the the compiled data from corporate systems can make better business decisions. Anyone motivated by the Do It Yourself philosophy can create anything. The lines between what’s possible and what isn’t are blurring with each passing day.

Internet, Big Data and changes in production lines are some of the pillars on which the German concept of 4.0 Industries stand. The Internet of Things (IoT) plays a defining role in it as well.

The 4.0 Industry promotes digitalization to create greater competition, it’s about giving one more twist to the industrial revolution, capable of perfecting production mechanism by taking advantage of more intelligent, capable and well-coordinated factories. This is the future but it’s also de present.

Vice president of Gartner, Frank Ridder, explained that “an organization with a solid strategy for the 4.0 Industry represents a chance to modernize processes between business units and every operation, such as logistics and costumer service” “On the other hand, this strategy helps optimize supply or innovation projects by including costumer information or creating dynamic service agreements”. For Ridder, the most important thing is to “define strategic objectives according to their needs and those of the basic scope of the capabilities they want to digitalize in order to create a competitive drive”.

Countries like the UK, Italy, Spain and Germany are supportive of this new approach.

Ridder also recalls that it is important that the leaders of every area of competence prepare their organizations and their support functions for a journey of cultural and management change that implies breaking with traditional beliefs and includes the exchange of knowledge and innovation between coworkers.

¿Which is the ideal professional profile to dominate the 4.0 Industry?

A person with experience in business and technology, with knowledge about robotics, data science, 3D printing and gamification, qualified to do iterative testing and to work with real time information. The bussines knowledge must go from product development and commercialization to costumer engagement, going through income focused creativity and digital mashup. Social Media, IP creationl, competitive analysis and DOFA are very important and useful tools for this “ideal” professional.