Searching the internet for information has become a daily activity for working, starting projects, research and so on. This is true for businesses, students, teachers, freelancers and all kinds of people, because of this, the information searching process has changed in time, making it more practical, organized and satisfactory for the user. The Internet is a crucial tool for digital marketing strategies, a study carried out by Statista shows that the investment in digital strategies will reach some 186.200 million dollars in 2016, that’s almost 9 times the 2015 budget of 21.041 million dollars.

So, ¿What IS Social Bookmarking?

An activity carried out daily is saving links that contain information of interest for the user in the browser’s Favorite section. This day-to-day activity of bookmarking pages has created a real need among users: they want to be able to access them from any device at any time, organize and tag them according to their own taste and either keep them private or share them easily with other people that might find it attractive. The increment of information search and the very real need to categorize it and make it even easier to share and find has inspired the creation of different web tools and mobile apps such as Delicious, Meneame, and Bibsonomy, to create this experience the users are longing for. Social Bookmarking can be a strong online marketing tool if used properly, by sharing truly relevant and compelling content through these tools or adding organized Bookmarkings to facilitate your internet research and that of others that share the same passions as your brand, helping you share and connect deeply with them.

¿How does it work?

If you intend to create a Social Bookmarking campaign, your brand must register in one of these sites created to share links, create a profile just as any other social network, add your links, tag them and choose if these links will be public or private. This way, people that use bookmarking sites to look for specific topics can be sent to different websites through keywords, the information’s popularity, t’s references and classification schemes that users apply.

Social Bookmarking as a strategy

As an online strategy, “Relevance” is the keyword to success. The strategy is simple in approach: create content that adds value to the user experience, upload it to your website or blog and add it to your Bookmarked links on your profile. Then, proceed to categorize and tag it accordingly so it is easy to find. Do not over tag it, using unrelated tags just for popularity’s sake can result in a very harmful backfire. That’s it. People looking for information and content in Social Bookmarking platforms have a very specific need that’s being attended by multiple sources and are likely to visit different websites in order to find the answers the want, one of those links will be yours. But only if you respect the keyword for any content-based strategy: Relevance.

Social Bookmarking strategies offer two main benefits:

  • Increase traffic to a blog or website
  • The increased traffic will help with the blog/website positioning on search engines

Social Bookmarking como estrategia

La intención de esta estrategia de Marketing Digital es integrar en los Bookmarks Links del sitio web o blog de la empresa, los contenidos de valor y compartirlos con otros usuarios que buscan ese tema de interés, recordar que como en cualquier otra red social, no se debe abusar de únicamente públicar enlaces de la página, también se debe compartir información relevante de otros sitios, por supuesto, referentes al área de ocupación de la empresa.
Las personas que buscan contenido en los Social Bookmarking tienen la necesidad definida de contenido y en muy probable que visiten diferentes links en busca de respuestas.

Las personas que buscan contenido en los Social Bookmarking tienen la necesidad definida de contenido y en muy probable que visiten diferentes links en busca de respuestas. Los Social Bookmarking como estrategia tienen dos (2) beneficios:

  • Conseguir tráfico directo hacia la página web o blog.
  • Conseguir enlaces hacia la página web o blog, lo que mejorará el posicionamiento en buscadores.

Social Bookmarking como estrategia

  • Don’t use your brand’s links alone. To create really compelling content it’s good to count on multiple sources. Plus, using just your brand links may be seen as spam in some platforms.
  • Include keywords in the titles and tags of every bookmark.
  • You must facilitate the search process for the user so that they can find and bookmark your content. Use tools like the “Sociable” plugin. Each Social Bookmarking site has it’s own.