Machines have been around for some hundred years but, until recently, they still needed human direct manipulation, sometimes making work dangerous. Decades ago robots were but a myth, viral material for dreams and the media, a vision of a distant future. Today, that future is no longer distant, as a matter of fact, that moment it’s not the future at all but the present time, robots and automatons are a reality of today. IBM, the technology giant, recently launched a super computer called Watson; an informatics system of Artificial Intelligence that participated in the popular TV Show Jeopardy, competing in some general culture and knowledge contests, and has been exhibited in several IBM events. In both, the machine has always won the contests. In recent years, Artificial Intelligence has advanced in long strides, it’s no longer used to do repetitive thoughtless tasks, it’s evolution has allowed for it to do more complex jobs and be more creative, more… ¿human?. This is how we’ve stopped calling them “machines” to start “calling them “robots”. Future companies (although there are some already down this road) may replace humans for these AI systems, taking over more and more jobs. The age of the Robots has come, it’s no longer Sci-Fi material, it’s a reality just a click away.

The robot that writes and is creative

The technological development of AI is so advanced that they’re more resembling of human beings, which always was rough path for robots. They can write and be creative when doing it, they can work as a journalists or marketing creative executives because they’re able to collect data and build a narrative that readers find enjoyable. Some months ago, the AP agency started a pilot to automate information, leaving the task of writing the financial results content of 400 companies in the hands of robots. Today, the artificial friends are writing the content for 4000 companies. A study points out that one half or two thirds of marketing jobs will be taken by robots because brands are looking for more technical profiles. As of today, robots are capable of writing and analyzing complex matters, writing ads and advertising claims, statistical work and data analysis.

A robot is the new Creative Director

The job of creative executives is one that can be taken by robotic hands. They’re being created with the knowledge and tools to produce more effective internet advertising than their human counterparts. Persado, a marketing agency, created a tool capable of making online advertising campaigns that turn out to be 95% more efficient than those human-made. If that isn’t enough, Mcann Japan has made an outstanding move that helps understanding the new technological reality beter: Since they didn’t have a Creative Director, they decided to create an Artificial Intelligence to fill the vacant. This job’s main responsibilities are to manage communications, public relations, and collecting data and analyzing data to know how things are going with their followers.

Customer Service is proof of AI evolution

In Japan, many companies are taking the decision to employ robots, not only is the AI evolving with great speed, now their abilities range from selling a grain of coffee to approving a bank loan, what’s more, they’re well accepted by people due to their hume likeness. Although human quality is irreplaceable (or… is it?) robots are able of truly understanding the consumer needs. It’s a great debate, whether to mechanize customer service or not, the banks have been convincing their clients to migrate to electronic banking but now it’s more than just that, they’ll be tended by “Robot cashiers”.

The Robot Buttler at your service!

AOL is another fine example of how robots are taking over many businesses, there’s one that’s capable of doing the tasks of a hotel buttler or maid, very similar to the famous R2-D2 from the Star Wars saga, hotels are implementing this mechanical allies because of their attractiveness, using them strategically to create impact in their customers and bring forth a different kind of experience.

Robots are here

This is no longer a fantasy but it leaves open a big, big question ¿where will we be?