When speaking of marketing it should be highly noted that there are various types of it and that there are different types of companies and organization as well. Knowing this helps finding an approach better suited for the brand and get more satisfying results.
One of these varios types of marketing is called Direct Markting. As suggested by the name, it’s all about finding ways to contact the target directly and immediately to achieve the promotion of a product or service using tactics such as mailing and telemarketing.

Direct Marketing has its advantages and Prof. Alfredo Hernandez Díaz shared his top five:

1.- Customizable: This strategie allows for a fine knowledge about the objective target by using databases. This way, it can be tailored in order for it to be more effective.

2.- Promote customer loyalty: Being a fully customizable strategy foments a more direct communication to ensure the brand tends to the target’s real interests, promoting loyalty in customers.

3.- Easy to measure: This kind of strategy is very easy to follow, number-wise. This way is possible to have certainty about its efficiency and solid ROI statistics.

4.- Interactive: Being a direct strategy, the target reacts immediately to the brand’s product or service, creating a conversation with the brand.

5.- Transforms the distribution channels: Due to being in the digital era, many consumers don’t want to go to the store but rather have the store reach out to them. This means that this kind of marketing is ideal to achieve that.