Today, content marketing has become one of the most essential marketing tools for brands of any kind, companies have invested in this strategy and have received more benefits, no matter the size and resources of an organization, Content Marketing can and will increase profits.

Here are sic tips to help you learn and develop such strategies:

1.- Invest in visuals: People are very sight-reliant, especially when it’s marketing we’re talking about, therefore, it’s of utmost importance to create strong and powerful images. With technology advancing and the internet becoming ever so broad, there are numerous opportunities to tell stories creatively, using images, video, animations infographics, and all sorts of visually rich content. This causes 90% more engagement than text-only content.

2.- Focus on social: Social media are the main platforms to engage the audience, marketing experts use LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and some other venture in other growing platforms such as Vine or Snapchat. You should create content that adapts to these platforms and use them to reach your audience no matter how far away may be.

3.- Learn how to curate content: Users aren’t always looking for promotional content, they’re more interested in finding useful and meaningful content. Don’t try to sell, you must write to become a brand people can trust using valuable content. This strategy relies con searching and writing useful information tailored to suit your audience’s needs.

4.- Recycle your content: You must prolong your content’s life. One way to manage this is to take the info and rewrite it in a way that’s more suited to a different platform that the one in which is already posted or to turn it into infographics that are easily shared through social media. Reusing your valuable content in creative ways will prolong its life and usefulness. It’s not right to spend 4 hours researching a topic to have a post only for a week.

5.- Divide and conquer: The Internet is becoming more and more saturated with useless info. The strategy that works best to give small brands a chance is to segment their audience and create content that talks to specific groups of people. It’s good to add keywords. Linking the content to specialized blogs and looking for figures that are prominent in the segment to give it a boost also works.

6.- Take your ROI (Return Of Investment) into very serious account: It’s of utmost importance to measure how your efforts and strategies are working out for your brand. Having updated metrics and writing reports will help you define where to invest your money and your effort so you have a better ROI.