An increasing number of brands already have a presence in social media, mainly on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, the platforms with the better usability up to date. The objective of social profiles for brands isn’t just costumer service, that’s why it is important to review which advantages these platforms have to offer.
To give a hand with this issue, Altitude Software has made this list with the ten most important reasons to be on the Social Media:

1.- An answer to costumer expectations: People now belong to a digital generation, they use social media daily in a natural and intuitive way. They expect brands to adopt these platforms as a channel to tend to their needs.

2.- Allows brands to save time and money: Social Media are a more inmediate way to tend to customer needs than an email or a form. Plus, it’s more cost effective than tending to the personally.

3.- Feels closer: responding to people’s comments or direct messages makes them feel closer to the brand and shows that the organization cares about its customers.

4.- It builds a business image: Efficient interaction in social media makes for happy customers, creating a strong bond with them and making them more willing to acquire the brand’s products or services.

5.- Can potentially turn followers into brand advocates: Users satisfied with the brands attention through these channels won’t doubt it to share the brands content and recommend it to their own followers and friends.

6.- It makes the brand more transparent: A timeline full of great customer service and solutions for their issues serves as proof to other users that the brand really is always willing to give a hand to their customers whenever the need arises.

7.- It’s gives customers a chance to contact the brand wherever they may be: Those who actively use Social Media won’t wait to get home just to contact the brand, they’ll prefer to leave a message through these platforms.

8.- Getting more followers: Happy customers are more willing to follow the rest of the brands accounts or to recommend the brand to their friends.

9.- Social Media are a source for very valuable data: A Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or any other profile is filled with information about people’s interests and consumption habits. This kind of content can be used to create campaigns and strategies that better suit the brand’s target.

10.- More and more brands are joining: The number of brands that are jumping in on social media strategies is getting bigger by the hour. Choosing not to join in the trend puts the companies in a clear disadvantage regarding their competition.

Presence in digital social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or any other to keep in direct contact with customers brings huge benefits to brands and organizations. But (and this is a very importante “but”), for these strategies to really work the approach should truly allow for customer’s needs and expectations to be satisfied. It’s important to have a short response time and for the responses to actually solve their problems, as well as choosing the right moment to share your content.